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Expungements/Records Restriction

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1. Can I have my records restricted/expunged if I have been convicted of the crime?
2. I entered a plea of guilty under the provisions of the First Offender Act. Can my record be restricted/expunged?
3. I received a pardon. Can that record be restricted/expunged?
4. What if I was arrested for one charge, but I was convicted of another charge. Can I have the arrest charge restricted/expunged?
5. Can I have my record restricted/expunged if the Grand Jury returns a “No Bill”?
6. Can I have my record restricted/expunged if I have been acquitted after either a trial by a judge or a trial by jury?
7. When is record restriction/expungement allowed under Georgia law?
8. I read the description of the types of arrests that are eligible for record expungement. I believe that my arrest is eligible for expungement. What do I need to do to have my record expunged?
9. Where do I obtain this form to “Request to Restrict (Expunge) Arrest Record”?
10. What do I do once I obtain the form?
11. Who do I submit the “Request” to?
12. Is there a fee for submitting a Request?
13. What happens after I have submitted my request to the appropriate law enforcement agency?
14. Who makes the decision whether to approve or deny the Request for Record Restriction/Expungement?
15. How will I know whether my Request has been approved or denied?
16. If the prosecutor’s office approves my Request, is the arrest automatically taken off my record?
17. How can I check on the status of my Request?
18. What can I do if the District Attorney’s Office denies my Request?


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1. Where can I find information about my case status?
2. Where is the DeKalb County Courthouse located?
3. Where can I find helpful information about victim assistance, legal assistance, 12-Step programs, and more?

Juvenile Court

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1. How long will court be?
2. What can I expect in the courtroom?
3. As a victim, do I need an attorney?
4. Will I have to see the defendant?
5. What other options do I have to collect restitution?
6. What happens if I am unable to appear on the date that is on my subpoena?

Pre-Trial Diversion

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1. What is the Pre-Trial Diversion Program?
2. How long does the program last?
3. Are there fees involved in the Diversion program?
4. Do I need a lawyer?
5. Do I have to participate in the Diversion program once I have been extended an invitation?
6. What happens if I do not participate in the Diversion program?
7. Do I have to be working to participate in the Diversion program?
8. Is there community service involved in the program?
9. What happens at the end of the 6 months if I successfully complete the program?
10. Can I participate in the program if I have other charges on my record?

Recorders Court

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1. What if I am under 21 years old?
2. Will my license be suspended?
3. What happens if I fail to appear for court?
4. What do I need to know about paying my fine?
5. What do I need to know about being cited while in a borrowed car?
6. What do I need to know about expired tags and equipment violations?
7. What happend when I come to court?
8. What should I expect on the day of trial?

Recorders Court - PTDRC

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1. I have open cases in other courts, can I include those in the diversion program?
2. I have other open tickets in DeKalb County, can I include those in the Diversion Program?
3. Can I participate if I have a failure to appear (FTA) on my citation?
4. Do I HAVE to do community service?
5. Does participating in the program mean that I’m pleading guilty?
6. I’m really busy. Do I have to do my community service at a certain time?
7. How do I prove I did my community service?
8. How long are the classes?
9. Can I pay in installments?
10. If I’m in the program, does it mean that I am “on probation”?
11. I signed up for the program, but I have changed my mind and I want to go back to court.
12. Where do I report for the program?
13. Do I have to report to a probation officer monthly?


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1. What services are offered by the DeKalb County District Attorney's UIFSA division?
2. What do I need to open a UIFSA case to establish a child support order?
3. When and where are the Orientation meetings scheduled?
4. What if I do not have a home address for the non-custodial / absent parent?
5. What do I need to open a UIFSA case if I already have a child support order?
6. What do I need to request Modification of an existing child support order?
7. How long does the process take?
8. How will I receive the child support payments?
9. How can I get information about my case status?
10. What kind of enforcement action can be taken if no child support payments are received?

Victim Witness Assistance Program

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1. What is the status of my case?
2. How do I get a Temporary Restraining Order?
3. How long with the process take?
4. The Judge ordered restitution, how do I get my money?
5. What if I want a case dismissed?
6. When does the District Attorney’s Office get involved in my case?
7. Do I have to come to court?
8. How do I get there if I don’t have a way?

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