Office of the DeKalb County District Attorney

Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit

Sherry Boston, District Attorney


(404) 371-2561

(404) 371-2981

Staff Title Email Phone
Boston, Sherry District Attorney Email (404) 371-2232
Stolarski, Jennifer Chief Assistant District Attorney Email
Johnson, Pete Chief Assistant District Attorney Email (404) 687-3495
Traylor, Alan Chief Investigator Email  (404)687-3499
Vaishnav, Rupal General Counsel Email (404)-371-2840
Sanchez, Luz Administrative Operations Manager Email (404) 371-2469
Cook, Toni Adminstrative Coordinator Email (404) 371-2232
Rogers, Chasity Director, Victim-Witness Assistance Program Email (404) 687-7148
Brown, Sonja Director, Community Affairs Email (404) 371-2234
Jones, Yvette Director,  Communications Email (404) 371-4702
Chase, Edward
Director of Training and Litigation 
Email (404) 371-2317
Bogan, Veronica Supervisor, Trial Assistants/Administrative Coordinator Email (404) 371-2830
Cross, Lance Director,  Major Case Unit Emai (404)-371-4727
Ruth, Steve Deputy Chief ADA Anti-Corruption Unit
 (404) 687-2765
Young, Daysha Director, Special Victim's Unit Email (404)-371-6342
Mack, Yolanda Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Crimes Email (404) 371-2586
Canavan, Jeanne Deputy Chief ADA, Elder Abuse & Exploitation Email (404) 687-2580
Miller, Kamilah Deputy Chief ADA, Child Support Recovery (UIFSA) Email (404) 687-3837
Wellborn, Deborah Deputy Chief ADA, Appellate Div/Complex Litigation Email (404) 687-2429
Andrews, Mirna Deputy Chief ADA, Sexual Exploitation & Crimes Against Children Email (404) 371-2556
Thomas, Buffy Deputy Chief ADA, Trial Division Email (404) 371-3034
Wilkerson, Roderick Deputy Chief ADA, Trial Division Email (404) 371-3204
Barresi, Steve Deputy Chief Investigator, Trial Division/ Major Case Unit Email (404)-371-2015
Clemens, Scott Deputy Chief Investigator, Anti-Corruption Unit Email (404) 687-3513
Flinn, Michelle Deputy Chief Investigator, Special Victims Unit Email (404) 687-3922