Office of the DeKalb County District Attorney

Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit

Sherry Boston, District Attorney

Victim Impact Statements

Tell the Court About the Crime

As a victim, and/or family member of a victim, in a crime, you can send a written Victim Impact Statement (VIS) into the District Attorney’s Office. This avenue of communication provides you the opportunity to inform the court of the impact the crime has had on your life. Please keep in mind that this statement may become part of the public record.


Here are some questions to consider when writing out your Victim Impact Statement:

  • Were you physically injured because of the crime? Tell us how serious and how long for recovery.
  • Was medical treatment needed for your physical injury? Tell us about the treatment.
  • Were you psychologically injured because of this crime? Tell us how this injury has affected you or your family. Psychological injury may include change in attitude or feelings, fear, change of lifestyle, emotional problems, etc.
  • Has anyone received counseling because of this crime? Tell us how long you/your family will receive counseling.
  • Has this crime affected your ability to earn a living?
  • Has this crime affected your family relationship?
  • Have you had any expense or economic loss because of this crime? If so, complete the Restitution Form and attach copies of bills, receipts, estimates, payments, and amount paid by insurance.
  • Tell about any changes in your personal welfare or other issues you and your family have experienced.
  • What do you suggest as a sentence in this case?
  • What conditions of probation would you be recommended?
  • Do you favor imprisonment?