Office of the DeKalb County District Attorney

Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit

Sherry Boston, District Attorney


Legal Internships/Externships & Apprenticeships

The Office of the DeKalb County District Attorney offers one or two-semester internships and externships in the Fall semester and Summer internships for rising and current third-year law students.  Recent law graduates (those awaiting Bar results) may apply to work in this Office as an Apprentice.  The Apprentice program is a full-time, three-month program that runs from August through October.

Law students and law graduates work under the direct supervision of an assistant district attorney and will assist in conducting investigations; interviewing witnesses, complainants, and victims; preparing cases for trial; and appearing in court as student prosecutors in felony cases.  Students will also be assigned to handle grand jury cases, working directly under the supervision of an assistant district attorney.  Responsibilities will include evaluation and screening of cases for legal sufficiency; preparation of indictments and felony accusations; and presentation of cases to the Grand Jury.  Students will also work with a trial attorney and will participate in all aspects of trial preparation; negotiation with defense attorneys; and participation in arraignments; pre-trial hearings; and probation revocation hearings.  When feasible, students will be given an opportunity to assist at the trial of criminal cases and to present motions before the court.  Students with specialized interests in criminal law may be assigned to the various special units.

Please attach and submit your resume and cover letter below.  All candidates must successfully complete a criminal and driver’s history background check.

Please email 

Victim Advocate Internships

The Office of the DeKalb County District Attorney offers one or two-semester internships in the Victim-Witness Assistance Program for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in degree programs for criminal justice, social work or human services. 

Internships with the Victim-Witness Assistance Program are highly competitive. A criminal background check and interview must occur before any intern is accepted so you are highly encouraged to begin the application process early to meet school deadlines. Application deadlines vary per school and program. Additionally, any university/institution deadlines specifically required for academic success must be observed by the student.  

Victim Advocacy is at the core of the Office of the DeKalb County District Attorney’s prosecution mandate. Additionally, it is a primary focus and commitment for District Attorney Sherry Boston. The Victim-Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) offers guidance, support, information, and crisis counseling to victims of crime throughout the criminal justice process in accordance with the Crime Victims Bill of Rights. 

Victim Advocate Interns work under the direct supervision of Victim-Witness Advocates and the Director of Victim Services, and will assist in providing emotional support to victims throughout the criminal judicial process, explaining the criminal justice process and what to expect at each stage of the case, contacting victims regarding court dates and case status, providing support during court preparation meetings and accompanying victims to court, registering victims with VINE for notification of the defendant's release from custody, sending victim notification letters, assisting victims with applications for restitution and for Crime Victims Compensation through the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, assisting victims with registering with the Georgia Office of Victim Services so they can receive notification and provide input regarding post-conviction parole decisions, providing appropriate referrals for community resources, and maintaining confidentiality of all case information and any other information deemed confidential by the District Attorney’s Office. 

For more information, contact:
Amanda Planchard, Director of Victim Services  
(404) 687-7148