Office of the DeKalb County District Attorney

Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit

Sherry Boston, District Attorney

Case Processing

Formal Complaint
This is received by a law enforcement officer or a victim. The complaint is the criminal charge.

Where complaints are taken and preliminary investigations are prepared.

Petition To The Court
A petition is filed in Juvenile Court. The petition sets forth the charges against the juvenile. There are time limitations for a petition to be filed, depending on whether the juvenile is held or released.

Detention Hearing
To determine if reasonable grounds exist (Probable Cause) to believe the allegations are true. 

At Arraignment, the charges against the juvenile are read aloud in court and the juvenile admits or denies the alleged offenses. 

Adjudication Hearing
This hearing is equivalent to a trial in adult court. The Judge determines whether there is a delinquency (guilty) finding regarding the juvenile. 

Disposition Hearing
Once a juvenile is adjudicated (found guilty), a separate hearing is set to determine the type of treatment, rehabilitation, or supervision that is needed for the juvenile. Should the juvenile live in another county, disposition can be transferred to that county.

Restitution is considered part of the juvenile’s rehabilitation in an effort to make the victim financially whole. Restitution is the out-of-pocket expense that the victim incurred because of the actions of the juvenile. You will be asked to bring all receipts, insurance information, and records of any other expenses that were not covered.